Market research insight in action – a real life adventure inspired by Trixtalk

About 18 months ago we created Trixtalk our female only market research group. Trixtalk unites a vibrant chorus of female voices and is driving real change around the world and delivering universal benefits. This exciting and innovative online community is growing day by day and welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds.

Trixtalk provides us, our clients and the community itself with an invaluable stream of insights primarily focused on learning more about a female perception of the world. Every day we post a different question and our members are invited to respond with topics ranging from lifestyle to politics and current events. There is no area we won’t explore and talk about – nothing is taboo. The unique Trixtalk model provides both commercial and personal insight and can inspire everyone involved to explore new opportunities.

Last month we were discussing solo travel –  the perceived benefits and the barriers to packing a bag for one and hitting the road. We invited members to share their travel experiences and engage in conversation with one another.

We unearthed the pleasures of travelling alone – the absolute freedom, joy and adventure that it offers. Discovering rare time alone was considered the most liberating aspect whilst not accommodating other people’s desires and doing exactly as you please in another country was perceived as the ultimate luxury.

We also discovered that for many women it is mostly fear that stops them traveling alone. A fear of the unknown and genuine concerns about personal safety when abroad were the most likely reasons stopping our members from taking the plunge.

It was the absolute honesty at the heart of this conversation on Trixtalk that inspired me to do something I’ve always wanted to do and just a week after closing this virtual conversation I booked a trip for myself to Vancouver in Canada. I was blessed with gorgeous sunshine and clear blue skies, a rarity I’m told as Vancouver is known amongst the locals as ‘Raincouver’ due to the copious rainfall in the autumn. I enjoyed all that Vancouver has to offer and experienced the incredible views offered by a bike ride round the Stanley Park Sea Wall, a trip up to the Capilano Suspension bridge and a gondola ride up Grouse Mountain. I also ate the most delicious sushi in the Public market at Granville Island.  The absolute highlight of my holiday was a trip with Vancouver Whale Watch spotting orcas, sea lions and seals swimming in the wild ocean.

My time in Vancouver was everything that I could’ve wanted and more. I explored where and when I wanted entirely at my own pace with no need to consider anyone else. This has sparked what I think might become a lifetime desire to pursue more oversea adventures irrespective of the availability of a willing travel partner.There’s no question that it was the conversation on Trixtalk that encouraged me to be brave and book this first trip. It shifted my thinking from the negative aspects of going alone to the positive aspects of going it alone leaving me open to experience one of the most wonderful weeks of my life.

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