How can my new concept create a niche within an overcrowded marketplace?

Our client wanted to explore the fast food and sandwich  market in the UK and understand how their new concept could develop a niche for a new product offering.

We conducted consumer research and a desktop research exercise using industry reports and our own understanding of the market to develop a summary of where the market was and how they should proceed. The findings were summarised in an infographic that we created to attract strategic partners into the business.


Understanding the wider context of the market place and consumer trends is vital for analysing how and where you fit and what the opportunities are for you to ideally create your own market or increase your market share.

Why we love it: By understanding the trends in the market it creates you feel so much more grounded and it makes it obvious where you need to go next.

Aviatrix undertook a qualitative and quantitative market study for our new food concept. The research impacted significantly on how we positioned our concept within the marketplace. What sets Aviatrix apart from the competition is their ability to work hand in hand with their customers. They have a customised approach to every assignment unlike other companies that treat an assignment as a corporate matter. Aviatrix are efficient, reliable and customised.”

Karim Chebaklo, Entrepreneur

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