MD of Aviatrix, Helen Bailey has over 27 years experience of working in retail, drinks, hospitality and leisure including:

  • Marketing department of GrandMet Retailing
  • MD of a Market Research Agency advising large and small pub, retail and restaurant companies from La Tasca to The Camden Brasserie, from JD Wetherspoon to Chicago Rock Cafe, from Legal and General Shopping Centres to We Talk Law
  • Owner and operator of five restaurants with a turnover in excess of £5 million
Aviatrix has been established since 2012 and offers a personal and bespoke service to wide range  clients from a variety of industries including utilities, drinks, retail and care homes.
Aviatrix is an independent Strategic Market Research Consultancy whose sole focus is to help companies increase their sales by gaining a greater understanding of their business through the eyes of customers.
Aviatrix work with a selection of experienced and specialist individuals to create the right team for each project. The Aviatrix team can, if required, develop solutions into practical form, be it by harnessing graphic or interior designers, social media or service enhancement.
Sophia Day is a first-class graduate of the Music Marketing and Communication BA (Hons) at the University for the Creative Arts and most recently an upper second-class graduate of the Women’s Studies MA at the University of York. As a Research Assistant, Sophia is involved in the design, administration and monitoring of research projects, analysis and evaluation of the data collected, as well as visually representing the analysis.
Nick Bailey is responsible for business development, he has over 25 years experience working as a solicitor perfecting the art of analysis, advice and client care. Nick’s role is vital in ensuring we have all the necessary resources to produce great quality research.
With Aviatrix, embark on a journey of discovery and reach new heights of success.


Our mission is to help your business fly, navigating the customer experience and unlocking the potential in your business, landing on the growth opportunities through focused practical research consultancy.


Our passion is working with clients to get the answers that they need to inspire and excite them to move on and create something that is beyond their imaginings and opens up even more opportunities. We are endlessly challenging, curious, open minded, creative and tenacious at getting a job done exactly how you want it!


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