At last humans can design their own future


Countless presentations and futurology sessions aimed at convincing me that the future is AI (Artificial Intelligence) have left me feeling depressed and uninspired. The absence from these events of any reference to the sheer wonder of the human being is both angst-making and disappointing.

I understand that some people are nervous and scared of AI taking over the world but for me, the advance of AI is mostly positive. At last – in theory – there will be an end to all human beings being treated like and being made to behave like robots. Instead robots can behave like robots masquerading as humans!

People will be released from the depressing reality created by the industrial revolution that has incarcerated humans in a five day a week open prison of boring, relentless work that at best fulfils a financial need and little else.

If all the dull monotonous jobs are taken from us and given to the robots will this be the point where we finally see the fruits of our creative ability? Will alternative methods of working and innovative ways of managing and motivating humans abound once we are no longer driven insane by the shackles of outmoded work models?

The time has come to organise business like the human mind. If the focus is switched from productivity to creativity, the human spirit of each individual can be nurtured, respected and understood in a meaningful way that goes way beyond the lip service table football in the reception area or ‘bring your dog to work day’.

Both attempt to create the illusion that you are not really at work, when the practical reality of a hierarchy where power is wielded without consequence like an unmanned firehose, is actually no different from an old style ‘boring’ office. It’s no different from planting a few trees in a cage to make the tiger feel like they’re in the jungle rather than Regent’s Park Zoo.

For individuals to perform effectively and contribute to the success of a business organisational structures must reflect their values, understand how they think and find out their personal drivers. This is real change. Having worked with a Cultural Dynamics Values based segmentation model for the last 20 years this is eminently possible and thoroughly hopeful. Taking into account the values of the individuals is so much more likely to reflect the much needed shift in our work culture. We can work collaboratively with more altruistic intentions – the outcome may well be growth but the priority is well being, creativity and health.

AI may well unleash the most exciting and creative period in our own working lives and define how future generations coming through experience their careers. Finally, we will be able to embrace our freedom of spirit, the joy of creation and reimagine what exactly is this thing we call ‘work’.


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