It is a well known fact that women love their cocktails and enjoy tapas but do you know why?

Having researched eating and dining out behaviour amongst hundreds of women over recent years the number one reason that women love them both is because it is something to talk about.  They love to discuss the options, laugh about the titles and plan with their friends what they are going to order; fruit or sour, carbs or protein, rum or vodka, fish or meat, try something new or stick to the favourites.

This leads to the second reason that women love tapas and cocktails; because they love to share. It is obviously more possible with tapas than it is with a cocktail.  Sharing is the ultimate prize, that it doesn’t matter if you ordered the wrong thing, with tapas you can enjoy a bit of everything that has been ordered AND with a cocktail you can at least have a taste to check out what you will have for your next cocktail (it is part of the unspoken deal when ordering that you will taste each other’s cocktail).

Thirdly, both provide a talking point – women love the care and attention that is lavished on the making of their cocktail and having a chance to see it made in front of you, this provides so much added value and something to talk about!  With tapas you can share, try and discuss the food – what you like, don’t like and how it can be improved.

Finally they both make you feel good – the moment that you taste your first cocktail of the evening is the best it gets – you look the best you can (full make- up, beautifully dressed and ready for a great night) and somehow, on account of the fruit juice, you feel you are drinking something healthy in a cool glass.  With tapas you are eating small, seemingly light portions, indulging in lots of tasty food whilst sharing with your friend – it doesn’t get better than that!

If you are offering cocktails: the key is to refine your recipe, have a menu card with all the details to help customers make a choice, make the drink to order in front customers, use great looking glassware and make it look perfect – presentation is everything.  With tapas provide guidelines on how many are needed and make sure the waiter understands that he can help provide information on what is good and popular and make recommendations.  After all women love engaging staff who offer great personal service.

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