How Dare She?

Two nights ago I dreamt that I went running through the streets naked. Several fully dressed friends were with me, actively encouraging me to do it. Surprisingly my friends’ enthusiasm was not for a cheap laugh but because they felt that it would be good for me. Reflecting on the nightmare now, I can feel the deep discomfort of being exposed, having nowhere to hide and a pressure to carry on even though I really did not want to.

There is no coincidence that the nightmare occurred one week after How Dare She? Was published. How Dare She? Is the novel that two friends and I wrote over the period of a year as a way of keeping us all sane and entertained whilst we were each experiencing our own personal crisis. We were a support group for each other that was as effective as personal therapy but unbelievably productive as we created a book that is now being sold on Amazon.

Exposing yourself is tough and if you decide to publish a book or set yourself up in business where you stand or fall on the basis of who you are and what you can do, it is in my opinion far harder than running down the street naked.

I really do hope that firstly people will be intrigued enough to read the book, and secondly that they will enjoy it and take at least one good thing away from it. We wanted to write something that was real as well as entertaining, and we hope that people will feel reassured by the story because they will recognise themselves in the behaviour of some of the characters. How Dare She? is not a fairytale!

What my friends and I really believe is that we are all a bit flawed but we are equally all a bit amazing and the combination of the two makes us different from each other and that makes for an interesting, exciting, funny, loving world.

I for one believe that the time has come to reveal all my flaws and amazing qualities and I would actively encourage you to do the same. As much as running naked is not the desire of anybody I know, once you have done it you realise it is something everyone should do as it really isn’t that bad, in fact it’s quite pleasurable.


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