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  • Imagine being part of a virtual world where you can listen in to your customers discussing your business.
  • Imagine the possibilities of having a space where you can ask questions and get answers almost immediately.
  • What if there are only certain types of customers in whom you are particularly interested?
  • In a virtual space you can easily separate customers into whichever groups fit your needs – young, lapsed, female or high spenders, for example.


With new perceptions you have the key to the potential in your business.


At Aviatrix we have created this virtual world for a number of our clients, including Coke, Walkabout and Yates – an online community of available and helpful customers right at their fingertips. We create a warm, safe and friendly atmosphere, gathering answers, opinions and additional insight tailored to your business needs. Each day we generate dozens of customer insights that enable our clients to adapt and create a real world where customers get closer to what they want.


Aviatrix is an invaluable resource that has helped us manage significant change in our business.  Our online community has revolutionized our ability to proactively engage with customers and gain their direct input into the development and marketing of the brand. The online community is a highly (and cost) effective method for closing the feedback loop allowing transparent communication between us and our customers.” Andrew Dean, Walkabout


There is skill and time involved in ensuring you get the most out of the group and it is important to create a dynamic that works for both customers and the business. Without a full analysis the findings can be dangerous in the wrong hands – such as the boss who wants to prove a point by citing one customer that says, “Exactly what I thought.” This is why time needs to be invested objectively in order to look at all viewpoints and present a balance of opinion.


We find and engage the right customers in a two-way conversation. We remain adaptable and creative in sourcing insights for you from the people who know best – your clients. We retain loyalty, have fun with your customers and ask them the right questions at the right time so that you find out what you need to know. At Aviatrix we are flexible. We listen and we learn. I have learnt from experience that like most things in life if you stick with it, adapt and develop the methodology, you can make it work for you. For example, we found that by using photographs with questions we could increase the response rates by over 50%.


We would love to help you get started in this easy, rich and lucrative source of insight every company should have as a resource, so to get in touch with us so that we can show you how email helen@aviatrix.co.uk



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