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Aviatrix celebrated four years of being in business this Summer and despite it taking quite a lot longer than I had expected we have finally unveiled our new website – woo hoo!!
It can be hard to keep up with how far you have come and where you are at currently. This can be for a couple of reasons:  1. Because most of us move at such a rate we rarely stop to reflect and 2. If you have children you will know how hard it is to keep up with their changing needs and you always feel like you are playing catch up!  And the truth is the rest of life including business is like that too!
Nothing can force you into that space of reflection and catching up with your business more than re-doing your website. I was amazed by everything that we have achieved so far, including the biggest one of all… SURVIVING! Not to mention the incredible list of clients that we have had the privilege to work with as well as the exciting work that people have trusted us to do from online focus groups to ethnographical studies.
Writing the website has also enabled me to see the many ideas I had when I started four years ago come to fruition that I did not have the guts to do at the time. Marketing the business through social media and setting up Trixtalk, which is an online female research community was something I had avoided doing as I felt exposed doing so.
Aviatrix was so named (for those of you that don’t know Aviatrix means female pilot) because we have a specialism in understanding women, including their wants and needs. Women make over 80% of the buying decisions across pretty much any product or service you care to think of – so they are the most experienced shoppers on the planet. They also make the best research respondents as they tend to be more detailed in their accounts of experiences and are always keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
This led us to the obvious conclusion that we should have an agile, accessible, continuous female research resource that we can use to become even more of a specialist in viewing things from a female perspective as well as allowing our clients to use the resource as well. As a result of all of this Trixtalk was born last week and we already have almost 100 women from age 18 to 80.
In celebration of the launch of our website we would like to offer all our clients the opportunity to ask Trixtalk a question for free so please send me your question and we will report back the findings.
In the meantime I would love to hear what you think of the new website at www.aviatrix.co.uk/staging


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