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Brighton & Hove Buses

What would a bus service be like if it was designed, created and operated by women?

Brighton and Hove buses are an innovative and successful bus company that have been managed by a team of men from its inception. Every aspect of the bus service has been created and designed by men from the design of the bus to the logic of the timetable. This is despite over 60% of bus travellers being women.

More recent marketing activity has been aimed at women and this has had a positive impact on the number of women travelling on buses and female sentiment.

The ultimate question being posed is ‘What would a bus service be like if it was designed, created and operated by women?’ Not so that it alienates men, but so it considers the needs of everyone that uses the buses and makes the service more attractive, accessible and a preferred method of transport primarily in Brighton and Hove for all.

We isolated the voice of female users and non users of the bus service by only using female participants in a qualitative research programme which contributed insights that were not dissimilar to male customer perceptions, but the priorities were different. This resulted in an amended operations strategy and a change to the marketing and communication strategy that focused on providing a bus service that people chose to use as a sustainable method of transport.

Aviatrix helped us understand how women felt about our bus service. It also helped us understand how important the female market sector was for our future growth. We now have the evidence to support our hunch that our buses needed to be much cleaner and we needed to offer consistent, excellent customer service every time we interact with a customer. Helen’s energy, focus and expert knowledge combined with the ability to understand the difficult and complex public transport sector. Aviatrix delivered considerable added value over and above the original brief. The Aviatrix approach can be summed up as passionate, informed and committed.

Carole Richmond, Marketing Manager, Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd

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