Helen Bailey, MD of Aviatrix is a business coach that can help you gain fresh insight into your current predicament.

Using all the business experience acquired over her 25+ year career and her coaching skills acquired from NLP practitioner training and attaining the Michael Neill Supercoach Academy certification from a 12 month international three principles based course Helen has had much success helping people to achieve more than they hoped.

Two female entrepreneurs were creating a new café concept and wanted mentoring support to help them develop their business through the planning stages.  Whilst they had successfully managed a outside catering business they were conscious that their skills might need to be developed for a retail operation.


“A really refreshing, no nonsense approach, it was a great experience which we both thoroughly enjoyed and helped us to think of things in a different way with lots of great tips and advice. The knowledge we have gained through our mentoring with Helen has sparked fresh ideas and we feel equipped to deal with the challenges to come. We left each of the meetings feeling empowered.”

A partner of a successful profession services business was ‘permanently stressed’ and had been diagnosed with high blood pressure – frequently suffering from headaches and a general lack of energy.  After three sessions the client was transformed including shedding half a stone over four weeks.


The coaching gave me an opportunity to talk things through, analyse issues and situations. This meant that I could change triggers and behaviours that were unhelpful, resulting in a much calmer and relaxed state of mind. Because I was less stressed and wound up, I could manage situations better and felt happier. An unexpected side effect was being able to control my food intake and as a result I have lost half a stone to date.  The experience of coaching with Helen was insightful, emotional and helpful.

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