How can we use research to create compelling customer engagement content?

Ogilvy wanted to conduct a study of three families using Smart technology in their homes that could be used through social media channels to illustrate the impact of Smart technology on the running of a home.

Aviatrix helped create a methodology to meet the brief, recruited the families to a detailed brief, trained each member of the family to conduct video diaries on a weekly basis for the duration of the project to record their experiences and worked with a video ethnographer to create the family films to track the process.

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Ethnography is a modern and specialist research methodology that instead of asking customers want, how and why they do something in a given situation – you observe them actually doing it by filming them. The findings are fascinating can quite literally widen your lens or any given context and behaviour when understanding how your customers actually ‘do’ rather than ‘say’ when using your product or service.

Why we love it: Quick, easy and can be done on-the-go. The least amount of hassle for your customer without skimping on insight.

“We are currently working with Aviatrix to deliver a project that takes real families and gives them smart technology to see how smart technology impacts their lives, looking to see whether it helps them save time, money and hassle. Critically the success of this campaign relied so heavily on the families we found. We had quite a prescriptive brief, and we wanted to work with these families for up to year, which is a long commitment.  Helen at Aviatrix also helped find the right type of director to film the families. We needed a director who specialised in working with real families – someone who understood how to get real people to be open, honest and at ease on camera. Helen at Aviatrix really understood our brief, and because she has such experience in this field, she knew the right people to support us in finding the families and the director we needed. She also really thinks about the work she’s being asked to do and brings her own initiatives to the table rather than just taking the brief and delivering as read.  Aviatrix are experienced, reliable and proactive.”

Nicky Beckett, Account Director, Ogilvy London

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