Focus Groups


How are we perceived by our customers and how can we improve the customer experience?

The Original Bowling Company wanted to understand how their customers perceived certain aspects of their operation and how they could improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Focus Groups

Face to face focus groups can provide a lucrative source of valuable insights. Each focus group is tailored and expertly guided to ensure that your businesses’ needs are fulfilled. We recruit based of your target demographic and engage with your customers to give you the best plan of action for going forward.

We use the cultural dynamic value modes to assist with recruitment of respondents ensuring we have the best creative and constructive minds in each focus group.  Our expert team of experienced recruiters have a 95% success rate for achieving the 100% attendance in the group.

Why we love it: The gift of having face to face contact with customers can never be underestimated – discussing and probing customer opinions yields detailed and valuable insights that create a compelling story and a clear path of action.

Aviatrix enabled us to unlock the true value of the food & drink element of our business by talking to our customers. Aviatrix challenged us and provided fresh thinking all the way through the process.  The impact on our business was a clear strategic direction for our food and drink business, centred around the insight gathered by Aviatrix. Aviatrix’s ability to learn about a business or sector quickly enables them to  work to tight deadlines and deliver a return on the investment. Energy and challenge throughout the process gives immense confidence that the strategic output will deliver real value to the business.  I would sum Aviatrix up as credible, energetic and challenging.” 

James Mawer, Head of Food and Drink, The Original Bowling Company

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