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Walkabout Temple with Helen Bailey of Aviatrix and Andy Dean of Walkabout

We want to have an agile resource that will help us to focus on what women want

Walkabout invited Aviatrix to their female conscience with the intention of creating a more female friendly high street brand.

We set up an online community ‘Women Talkabout Walkabout’ with women who regularly visit Walkabout to serve as a sounding board for all aspects of the business. Their insight has influenced the brand, the food menu, the promotions, the decor and the drinks on offer (just to name a few!). Their ideas and contribution have been instrumental in changing the perception of Walkabout.

Questions are posed to the panel of women every day on whichever topics are relevant at that point in time and actionable steps from the discussions are provided to Walkabout on a weekly basis.  We now have over 400 members and over forty customer views a day.  Walkabout has increased the number of female customers by 20%.

Online Communities

Our online communities are specifically designed to get you the answers to the questions that your business has. We recruit the target demographic and set up a safe online space where openness and honestly is valued. The members of the community provide instant and insightful feedback over a period of days, weeks, months or  years helping shape your business and take it forward.

Why we love it: Immediate and plentiful – online communities provide the opportunity for hundreds of people to share their opinions on the topics that matter to you- giving you instantaneous actionable feedback.

“Aviatrix is an invaluable resource that has helped us manage significant change in our business.  Our online community has revolutionized our ability to proactively engage with customers and gain their direct input into the development and marketing of the brand. The online community is a highly (and cost) effective method for closing the feedback loop allowing transparent communication between us and our customers.”

Andrew Dean, Customer Experience Manager, Walkabout

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