Online Focus Groups

Coca Cola Case Study

What triggers customers to participate in quick service restaurant promotions?

Coke have successfully run promotions across Europe in quick service restaurants for many years and used quantitative research to understand the impact of the promotions. They wanted to understand at a deeper level what the key triggers are for customers participating in a promotion in a fast food restaurant environment.

The online focus groups held with German and Spanish participants explored over three weeks what makes a great promotion and reviewed new ideas and concepts for Coke promotions.  

Online Focus Groups

At Aviatrix we recruit, moderate and analyse online focus groups using bespoke software. Through sensitive and rigorous recruitment techniques we ensure that we have people participating that match the agreed profile of customers whether that be lapsed and/or non user customers depending on the purpose of the research. The software allows us to segment customers by age, gender, buying behaviour, values or whatever is relevant for the project.   We create a discussion guide with your approval that is then used to gather the feedback from the participants typically over several days. The feedback can be collected as text, video or photos on both mobile and desktop computers, we have also used Virtual Reality stimuli for online research projects which worked brilliantly. Our clients can observe the feedback as it unfolds live on the software platform.  Online focus groups create the opportunity for participants that are time poor or not available during working hours such as new Mums, people who live overseas or those who are on shift work.  During the groups we provide a daily update on the insight to enable complete client involvement in the process – at the end of the groups we provide a full analysis of the insights and recommendations.

Why we love it: Allows more processing time of the insight allowing an iterative approach as typically the groups are over several days or weeks which results in a very deep immersion into a subject. It is an extremely versatile methodology that is hugely effective.

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