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How are our members performing and what else can we offer that will help them?

The MDHUB is a premier peer to peer business growth network for Managing Directors  and Senior Board Directors in the South of England who wanted to understand how their sixty members were performing and how the MDHUB membership contributed to their growth.

We conducted an online survey for the MDs to complete when convenient to them over a two week period.

Online Services

At Aviatrix we create, design and host bespoke online surveys. Our surveys are specifically tailored to get the answers you need from your target customer base. Online means your survey can be distributed to as many people as you would like, anywhere in the world and can be completed on any device that has access to the internet.

Why we love it: Quick, easy and can be done on-the-go. The least amount of hassle for your customer without skimping on insight.

We commissioned Helen and her team to survey the MDHUB Membership – MD’s and Senior Directors-of high growth companies – across Sussex . The MDHUB is a peer to peer network business growth network.Garnering feedback on a regular basis amongst time poor MD’s is hard but vital for us to do in order to continually improve our service offering to our members and to measure our performance year on year.

We were amazed by the feedback and re thought and re positioned some of our services without any significant financial outlay , which we are delighted to report has contributed towards our  20% business growth this year.

We believe one of the clear advantages that Aviatrix has over other consultancies is that  alongside the wealth of Market Research  experience that the Aviatrix team has, is that they also properly understand how businesses work at a very deep level. Hence their fabulous ability to link their findings to proposals for business growth, not just increasing our customer’s happiness. This is invaluable to us . Aviatrix really get to the guts of your business needs through careful, insightful questioning and listening.Aviatrix provided us with great informatics that were meaningful and from which we could make changes.

In summary Aviatrix are Innovative, Experienced, Honest, Bloody Smart, great fun to work with and it is always a positive experience.


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