How can we expand our London based chain across the UK?

Busaba is a Thai restaurant chain that wanted to understand the essence of the brand and why customers loved them so that they could ensure a successful expansion of their business outside London.

We used value modes to recruit the focus groups and identified the key ways to satisfy the needs of the all important Transcender ™ group who are a vital energy to creating a trendsetting restaurant and ensure that the NOW people ™ are equally happy who are the group that talk about and spread the word to people just like them.

The use of value modes in the recruitment process allowed us to identify the all important Transcender group, who are instrumental in the terms of trying new things and setting trends, as well as the NOW people who spread the word, thus ensuring that we had the most suitable respondents for the job.


Cultural Dynamic Value modes allow us to categorise customers into three key groups. We have been working with them for 15 years and being able to segment customers and understand their values has allowed us to go beyond behaviour and gain insight into what drives their actions.

Why we love it: Quick, simple and easy to administer with mind blowing benefits to the client’s understanding of their customer’s behaviours.

“Busaba first engaged Aviatrix as part of a large scale guest engagement programme designed to help us update and evolve an establishment business ahead of a national roll out. From the first meeting to the final report and beyond Aviatrix have been focused on delivering the intelligence and insight which we required and have worked in a collaborative environment to bring this about.

The outputs from the project were comprehensive and considered, helping to provide the confidence required in the business to drive meaningful change and create the platform for our expansion.

Throughout the process Aviatrix were responsive, adaptable and a pleasure to work with on large scale projects as well as a smaller more niche consultations in which we engaged since.”

Joel Falconer, MD for Busaba

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