Traditional Surveys


What do our customers think of our new look?

Stonegate regularly update and refurbish their bars and want to understand the immediate impact of what people think about the changes. In the case of Slug & Lettuce we used exit interviews as customers were leaving the bar using a concise questionnaire across all the trading periods to ensure we had a cross section of customers and customer occasions.

Our experienced interviewers took each customer through the survey to make sure that all questions are answered as effectively and efficiently as possible. Over time the cumulative insight from each bar created a rich understanding of what had the most impact on customers and what they do and don’t like.

Traditional Surveys

Traditional, paper surveys are still a favourite for many. If this is your preferred method then Aviatrix can help. We design your survey, based on your objectives and use a team of expert recruiters to target the right customers to get you the answers you need.

Why we love it: Face to face paper surveys allow for a more personalised approach with the human touch allowing for the opportunity of extra insight.

“Aviatrix conduct numerous pieces of research for Stonegate Pub Co ranging from Brand reviews/brand healthchecks, Site location viability studies, New site design focus groups, New site customer exit surveys, and online consumer monitors. Aviatrix provided clear actionable outputs that enabled the business to make decisions based on real insight. Innovative in their approach, fast paced, not afraid to present unpalatable findings and good value for money.  Aviatrix are customer champions, dynamic and fun.” 

Richard Bruce, Marketing Director, Stonegate Pub Company

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