How to use research to inform and educate people to take action

Aviatrix created a workshop to inspire women who had all the skills and experience to set up their own businesses but lacked the confidence.

We conducted research with over 1000 women across the UK and had six in depth interviews with successful female entrepreneurs.  Sharing the findings of our research plus our study of women’s physiology including the fascinating impact of the hormones on women had a huge impact on the participants.  Their horizons were expanded and they became fearless about the prospect of taking the next step in their business and careers.


Bringing the team and all the stakeholders together to explore the findings of research is hugely beneficial in gaining a deeper understanding and having fresh thinking about the business.  The collective minds of the team in a workshop setting are given the freedom and space to explore and generate insights, creating infinite possibilities and options for improving the business.

Why we love it: Workshops foster a collaborative and creative environment, allowing for previously untapped creativity and insight to shine.

“The Aviatrix workshops were very insightful indeed. For any woman feeling fearful or unsure about where they are going in terms of their career or business idea these two workshops are the absolute solution to; sharing what you most fear amongst others who are feeling the same, having your confidence boosted by people who completely believe in you, and then driving that confidence into your work place. Helen has created an unusual and powerful 2 day workshop which I suggest every woman should do, no matter where they are in their life.”

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