We work with you to transform your business through a deeper understanding of your team and customers

At Aviatrix we do not tie ourselves to any one research methodology.

We first seek to understand what you want and what the problem is that you are hoping to solve.

We then come up with a bespoke research methodology to achieve your desired outcome according to the budget.

We relish the opportunity to try new techniques and if needed we can call upon our team of experts to advise on the delivery.

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Cultural Dynamic Value modes allow us to categorise customers into three key groups. We have been working with them for 15 years and being able to segment customers and understand their values has allowed us to go beyond behaviour and gain insight into what drives their actions.

Why we love it: Quick, simple and easy to administer with mind blowing benefits to the client’s understanding of their customer’s behaviours.

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Understanding the wider context of the market place and consumer trends is vital for analysing how and where you fit and what the opportunities are for you to ideally create your own market or increase your market share.

Why we love it: By understanding the trends in the market it creates you feel so much more grounded and it makes it obvious where you need to go next.

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Ethnography is a modern and specialist research methodology that instead of asking customers want, how and why they do something in a given situation – you observe them actually doing it by filming them. The findings can quite literally widen your lens or any given context and behaviour when understanding how your customers actually ‘do’ rather than ‘say’ when using your product or service.

Why we love it: Absolutely fascinating to observe people actually experiencing a product or service. Every moment is packed full of rich, authentic material that illuminate your understanding of customers and why they do what they do and how you can make it better for them.

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Our online communities are specifically designed to get you the answers to the questions that your business has. We recruit the target demographic and set up a safe online space where openness and honestly is valued. The members of the community provide instant and insightful feedback over a period of days, weeks, months or even years helping shape your business and take it forward.

Why we love it: Immediate and plentiful – online communities provide the opportunity for hundreds of people to share their opinions on the topics that matter to you- giving you instantaneous actionable feedback.

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At Aviatrix we create, design and host bespoke online surveys. Our surveys are specifically tailored to get the answers you need from your target customer base. Online means your survey can be distributed to as many people as you would like, anywhere in the world and can be completed on any device that has access to the internet.

Why we love it: Quick, easy and can be done on-the-go. The least amount of hassle for your customer without skimping on insight

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Traditional, paper surveys are still a favourite for many. If this is your preferred method then Aviatrix can help. We design your survey, based on your objectives and use a team of expert recruiters to target the right customers to get you the answers you need.

Why we love it: Face to face paper surveys allow for a more personalised approach with the human touch allowing for the opportunity of extra insight

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Bringing the team and all the stakeholders together to explore the findings of research is hugely beneficial in gaining a deeper understanding and having fresh thinking about the business. The collective minds of the team in a workshop setting are given the freedom and space to explore and generate insights, creating infinite possibilities and options for improving the business.

Why we love it: Workshops foster a collaborative and creative environment, allowing for previously untapped creativity and insight to shine.

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Face to face focus groups can provide a lucrative source of valuable insights. Each focus group is tailored and expertly guided to ensure that your businesses’ needs are fulfilled. We recruit based of your target demographic and engage with your customers to give you the best plan of action for going forward. We use the cultural dynamic value modes to assist with recruitment of respondents ensuring we have the best creative and constructive minds in each focus group.  Our expert team of experienced recruiters have a 95% success rate for achieving the 100% attendance in the group.

Why we love it: The gift of having face to face contact with customers can never be underestimated – discussing and probing customer opinions yields detailed and valuable insights that create a compelling story and a clear path of action.

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Helen Bailey, MD of Aviatrix is a business coach that can help you gain fresh insight into your current predicament. Using all the business experience acquired over her 25+ year career and her coaching skills acquired from NLP practitioner training and attaining the Michael Neill Supercoach Academy certification from a 12 month international three principles based course Helen has had much success helping people to achieve more than they hoped.

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The Aviatrix Approach
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The Aviatrix Approach

We thoughtfully design research from beginning to end, always with your business goals in mind. We do not compromise on the ground work and view it as essential to achieving the best outcome.

We are passionate to get to know how you tick as a client, what you need to grow and how to approach the research. We do not compromise the groundwork and view it as essential to achieve a good result.

We employ a full range of methodologies and market research techniques to ensure we get to the heart of the issue. We devise bespoke research that include quantitative, qualitative, online, digital or a combination of all the techniques. We will consider the best options in line with your budget to meet your goals.

Online surveys or face to face exit interviews are a cost effective method of gaining a rich understanding of how your customers perceive you and how they are using you.

We complete a full analysis of the data to ensure that your business is crystal clear on how to proceed.

Our detailed report provides you with the necessary insights to steer your business in the right direction. We guide you through the maze of customer experiences and provide you with those insights.

We analyze the changing views of a single group of consumers, making it an effective tool for market research.


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