“Our research is designed to give you and your team insights that will allow you to have fresh thinking about your business and create infinite potential.” Helen Bailey

Aviatrix will help your business fly, navigating the customer experience and unlocking the potential in your business, landing on the growth opportunities through focused and practical research consultancy.

We are an experienced, specialist research consultancy working with you to transform your business through a deeper understanding of your team and customers.

Our approach to business success

We find the hidden stories in the data so that you can take action and reach new heights of success


We employ sensitive research methodologies tailored to your specific business needs. We will enable you to define your customers’ perception of your brand.
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Connecting and collaborating is at the heart of all success stories and will increase the research ROI.
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A coaching conversation is transformative – removing your perceived barriers, unlocking your true potential to have the life you want.
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Research is vital in all businesses, outlined below are a number of practical examples of where insight has had a profound impact on a company’s strategy, growth and profitability.
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What our clients say…
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“An expert in marketing to women, Helen’s warm and friendly manner and ability to empathize with the female research groups brought out far deeper insights than we could ever have hoped for”

Sam Bridger, Interim Marketing Director with Walkabout

“Working with Helen has really opened our eyes and we cannot wait to implement the research findings into our new client approach.”

Paul Feist, Partner at Plus Accounting



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